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Translation of technical manuals

Manual translations, technical translations and guidebooks are all translated by expert, professionally-qualified, mother tongue translators. We translate technical manuals using the latest Translation Memory Software which not only saves you money on repeated text and previously translated matches, but ensures consistency across documents.

We regularly translate manuals and handbooks for:

To find out how we can help you with your manual translation requirements, please call 08450 345677 or use the quote form on this page.

What our clients say

  • Andiamo provide a really important translation service that allows me to design technical instruction handbooks and service manuals for use in a range of countries. Their translation service is reliable, efficient and accurate. I highly recommend them as a translation service.


  • Andiamo! exceeded expectation with great communications, competitive pricing, fast turnaround and customer satisfaction follow-up. I will use Andiamo! again and would recommend to others.
  • Andiamo have provided Hubron with an excellence service over many years. They are extremely quick at responding with the quotations and then quick turnaround for the official translated document. Staff are very professional and competent. Hubron have used Andiamo for translations into Spanish, Italian, German and recently Czech and Slovak.

Examples of technical manual translation work

Technical translation of manuals into 7 languages

Our client specialises in the design and manufacture of gas detection systems. 

We recently translated their latest 17,000 word manual into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese. By using our translation memory tools to analyse previous manuals we managed to save the client a fifth of the overall cost. We also typeset all 7 manuals ready for print.

Translation of Operation and Maintenance manuals

Our client delivers water treatment systems and services to industrial and commercial customers worldwide.

We recently translated technical manuals into German using our translation memory software. As the manuals were very similar to each other, we saved our client approximately half the cost of translating them from scratch.

Translation of Technical Product manuals

Our client specialises in internal security technology. Accuracy and timely translations are critical for them. We translated their technical product manuals to Arabic as well as providing them with print-ready Arabic typeset files.

Andiamo! DTP Services

Page layout in InDesign

Our graduate linguists are trained to use the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software for foreign language typesetting and ensure your translated documents look and read as if they were written originally in the target language. We liaise with the translators during this process to adjust any tricky-to-fit sections.

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