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Looking after your language projects

Part of our core team at Andiamo! is made up of our dedicated project managers who work with you to bring your translations, interpreting assignments and voice-overs into fruition.

Your project managers are here to walk you through your project from the minute you give us the go ahead. They get to know your business, work out the solution that best suits you and ensure you’re kept informed every step of the way.


Just one, dedicated project manager

Your projects with Andiamo! are managed by just one, dedicated project manager who has a languages degree and/or master’s degree in translation studies.

Here we don’t pass you around from one person to another – we think it’s important that once you’ve given us the go ahead to start working on your project that you can relax and rely on just one member of our team to take care of your translations, interpreting and voice-overs.


What makes Andiamo! project managers unique?

Your project manager at Andiamo! acts as the perfect bridge between you and your team of linguists.

Having studied translation themselves, Andiamo! project managers understand how the process works from the point of view of the linguists and from the points of view of a wide array of businesses, big and small.


Why not head to our Meet the team page to find out more about our dedicated project managers?