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  • 7 Films in Italian you’ve got to see


    Why not share your favourite Italian films in the comments section below: 7 films in Italian you've got to see from Andiamo! Language Services Limited

  • Five French tongue-twisters


    Whether you are fluent in French or have just a soupçon of knowledge, try getting your tongue round these 5 popular French tongue-twisters! As-tu vu le tutu de tulle de Lili d'Honolulu ? Bonjour Madame Sans-Souci. Combien sont ces six saucissons-ci et combien sont ces six saucissons-là?...

  • Buying translation is a doddle with our new BusinessManager


    TA DA! It's here… Andiamo! is proud to present Plunet - our brand new Business Management system that goes hand in hand with our crisp new image and website! Our clients can now easily and efficiently keep track of quotes and orders with us...

  • ISO 14001 + 5 energy saving tips for your office


    Andiamo! was recently awarded the ISO 14001 environmental quality standard (which basically means we're constantly doing our best to minimise our impact on the environment)...

  • Ten languages you've probably never heard of


    How many of these languages have you heard of? Ten Languages You've Never Heard Of from Andiamo! Language Services Limited

  • 5 Common Italian Phrases You Really Need to Know


    'Mamma mia' not included Italian phrases We've put together a short list of five common Italian phrases that you'll hear almost everywhere (and almost all the time) in the beautiful country of Italy...

  • Quality rules


    Choosing a translation agency isn't unlike choosing a builder.