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  • What is an ISO Language Code?


    The first standardised language code system ISO 639, was introduced by the International Organisation for Standardisation with the aim of representing language and language groups...

  • Poppy display extended at the Tower of London


    Poppies to stay until end November - see our amazing photos!

  • The fall of the Berlin Wall - 25 years on


    Up to 100,000 visitors headed to Berlin on November 9th 2014 as it marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • Halloween around the world


    Ouija boards at the ready!...

  • International Business Etiquette: Part 2


    Take a look at Part 2 of our blog which demonstrates the importance of understanding foreign dining etiquette.

  • International Business Etiquette: Part 1


    So you’ve just been told you’re going on an important business trip to China or the Middle East. What’s the first thing you do?...

  • What have we been up to...


    As well as working hard to organise all of your language projects at Andiamo! HQ, the team still love to volunteer and fundraise to help local charities and the community...

  • Cascamorras


    The Spanish are renowned for their bizarre and wacky festivals, particularly ones that involve throwing things at their neighbours!...

  • Painting the town red at La Tomatina!


    Later this morning, the small Valencian town of Buñol will literally be painted red...that’s right – it’s time for La Tomatina!

  • Top 10 film title translations - the good and the bad!


    Translating film titles into another language can be a bit trickier than you’d think. Catchy titles with slang or cultural references are often difficult to replicate, so alternative titles are used.