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Whispering interpreting

Andiamo! provides whispering interpreting services in all major languages for organisations in the UK and overseas.

Whispering interpreting, also known as whispered interpreting, or by its French name chuchotage, is a form of simultaneous interpreting. For this type of interpreting, the interpreter stands or sits next to the person who needs to understand the foreign language and whispers the content in their ear.

Whispering interpreting is usually used during the following:

  • Small, informal meetings
  • Site visits overseas
  • Conferences, lectures and seminars
  • Some court proceedings
  • Social events such as formal dinners

As it is a form of simultaneous interpreting, typically you would require two interpreters as the interpreting is very intensive and they take it in turns in intervals of approximately 20-30 minutes each.

What our clients say

  • We needed a professional Russian interpreter to assist in highly technical engineering meetings and workshops and Andiamo! provided an interpreter who could not only do this but was also punctual and professional in all aspects. We were pleased with the results.


Why use whispering interpreting?

Whispering interpreting is economical and easy to set up as no equipment such as booths or headsets is required. It’s also informal, which can make a guest feel much more comfortable in meetings and on overseas visits. If you're short of time, whispering interpreting is ideal because it's in real time so doesn't increase the length of the meeting or tour.


Are you expecting several visitors?

If you're expecting more than two foreign visitors we'd recommend simultaneous interpreting using a tour guide system or consecutive interpreting rather than whispering interpreting. Simultanous interpreting using a tour guide system allows the interpreter to speak to delegates through headsets but doesn't require a booth. Consecutive interpreting is when an interpreter waits for natural pauses in speech and interprets to the delegates or visitors in the required language.

Find out more about simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting here.


Why not also consider translation?

Do you have a welcome pack you usually give to visitors explaining more about your company? Having this translated for foreign visitors can really help them to feel more welcome and give you the edge when trying to make new business deals. Andiamo! translates a large range of business documents from presentations to promotional literature into over 75 languages.

Why not look at our business translation page for more examples of what we offer. 


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