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Automotive translation specialists

Andiamo! is a leading provider to the automotive industry and is trusted by luxury car brands. Some of our clients who work closely with the automotive industry include SNG Barratt, Mahle Powertrain, Car Care Plan and North East Automotive Alliance Ltd.

Andiamo’s automotive translation services include, but aren’t limited to, the translation of:

  • E-learning manuals
  • Owner guides
  • Warranty documentation
  • Brochures
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Workshop manuals

In addition to working with automotive clients, we also provide technical translation of parts manuals, tool catalogues marketing translation of promotional material and website translation to automotive-industry suppliers. 

Please get in touch on 08450 345677 or email if you would like more information on our automotive translation services. Alternatively complete the form on the right to request a quote.

What our clients say

  • Andiamo! did a great job of translating and typesetting one of our large car manuals from English into German. They were helpful and efficient at the quote stage and used their years of knowledge and translation technology to help us save money on the project. We now place regular, monthly work with Andiamo! and would recommend them to others in the automotive industry.
  • Andiamo! organise automotive translation of our eLearning into several languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish. We have worked with them for a number of years and enjoy liaising with their friendly projects team to deliver quality translations on time.
  • The translations have a high quality and show a really good understanding of the technical background and vocabulary.

Examples of automotive translation work

Regular translation of vehicle owner guides and service communications into 14 different languages

Our client is one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.

For 10 years Andiamo! has regularly translated and updated vehicle owner guides and service communications for an automotive client into fourteen different languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, French Canadian, Japanese, Czech, Polish, Greek, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Dutch. We also translate training material such as PowerPoint presentations and questionnaires for the automotive sales team.

Automotive translation and typesetting of technical training course into 5 languages

Our client is a manufacturer of luxury vehicles.

We were asked to translate an in-house technical training course consisting of workbooks, handouts, posters and PowerPoint presentations into five different languages: French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

In addition to completing the translations, Andiamo! was also responsible for typesetting all posters, handouts and workbooks.

Translation of automotive and engineering information into German

Our client is an engineering company specialising in internal combustion engines.

Andiamo! was asked to translate technical information and marketing material relating to new car engines for our client’s website into German. We initially completed a test piece and after excellent feedback have been approved as the client’s main supplier for all website updates.

Specialists in automotive language

From the cars themselves, the accompanying model brochures, as well as for a wide range of diagnostic-related data and e-learning materials, your automotive translators understand precisely which terms to use when translating text relating to the automotive sector.

Your automotive translation specialists use translation memory software to ensure consistency of terminology across all of your car manuals, parts manuals and promotional literature. It's important that words and phrases that need to be translated consistently with previous material are translated exactly the same way every time. 

Typesetting services for automotive brochures and other marketing materials

We complement our automotive translation service by providing a foreign language typesetting services for brochures and other marketing materials.

This service involves taking the translated text and inserting it back into the original document to ensure it conforms to the same style and formatting.

We particularly recommended using our typesetting service for languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian where you can rely on our experienced multilingual team to match the original document format as closely as possible by carefully selecting the most appropriate fonts and style.

Visit our typesetting page for more information on our service.

Require an interpreter?

In addition to automotive translation, Andiamo! has significant experience in providing clients with specialist automotive interpreters. From factory tours to business negotiations and conferences, we have a large network of consecutive and simultaneous automotive interpreters to assist you and your guests.

For more information on the types of interpreting we provide visit our interpreting page.