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Language services for the energy sector

Andiamo! provides specialised language services to organisations in the energy, oil and gas industries.

Our current clients include organisations such as Green Power Conferences, OATS, Crowcon and The CWC Group.

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What our clients say

  • I am writing to both endorse and recommend Andiamo! as a provider of translation services to any organisation. I recently had reason to have a number of technical datasheets translated from English to German and the measure of success for me is the time in which a service is provided and also the ease in which it is delivered, Andiamo! passed both with ease. The communication throughout the process was clear and concise and I would not hesitate to use Andiamo! for any future translation requirements.
  • We have worked with Andiamo! for several years on the translation and typesetting of our gas detector brochures into multiple languages and the end result is always of excellent quality.
  • After using a number of other translation companies, I have been very impressed with the service and quality offered by Andiamo! The translations are consistently of a very good standard at a reasonable price and the personal level of service is very high.
  • I can confirm that we were very pleased with the translation work carried out by Andiamo recently , especially the short time it took . I will recommend Andiamo to my colleagues in projects and procurement.

Examples of energy, oil and gas translation work

Translation of technical user manuals for gas detection company

Our client is a leading manufacturer of gas detection equipment.

We translate a range of technical user manuals into multiple languages for our client.

Each manual contains extensively detailed technical text in addition to detailed diagrams which we translate and desktop publish for our client.

Translation of quarterly updates

Our client is a leading provider of productivity solutions for oil industry lubricants.

We previously organised their entire database to be translated into 19 languages and now continue to organise the translation of additions and updates for them every quarter.



Specialist knowledge of energy sector terminology

Our translators and interpreters have specialist linguistic knowledge of the terminology used within the renewable energy, oil and gas sectors. 

Before commencing work on your language project they also complete further linguistic research specific to your individual assignment.