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Food and drink translations

We offer expert translation and interpretation services for the food and drinks industry.

Whether it's packaging translation, interpreting at industry conferences or website translation, our skilled staff understand the industry as well as being adept at your target language.


What our clients say

  • Andiamo! efficiently provides accurate translations with friendly and attentive service: a real pleasure to work with.

    Fortnum & Mason International

  • We needed some translations of our ingredients and nutritional information in French, German and Spanish. Andiamo’s service was excellent and they turned the translations around quickly without compromising on quality. We’ll definitely use them again next time.
  • Andiamo provide us with fast, efficient and detailed translations for our technical information in a vast range of languages. Their helpful, above-and-beyond approach makes them a pleasure to work with.
  • I would be happy to recommend Andiamo! to anyone, they provided a very professional and quick service.
  • Quick and efficient service, experts who were able to advise on our exact requirements, definitely use their services again
  • We are very happy with Andiamo’s work, which has been essential to expanding our business across Europe. Lauren is quick, hard-working and it's nice working with her.

Examples of food and drink translation work

Translation of ingredients on packaging

Our client produces a variety of high quality baked goods.

Our latest project required the translation of the ingredients of a new savoury product from English into French, German and Italian. The translation of ingredients is always a challenge as it is necessary to find a balance between making the terms appropriate for the target culture and keeping everything consistent across all languages. In this instance we collaborated with the client to create a style guide for our food translators to adhere to.

Ingredients translation for luxury brand

Our client is a luxury department store, specialising in fine foods, teas and wine.

We regularly translate the ingredients on their packaging into various languages including Arabic, French and German.

Drinks labelling translation

Our client is an innovative premium organic drinks manufacturer.

Projects for this client include translating the labels for these drinks into Arabic, Dutch, French, German and Spanish as well as translating and typesetting a brochure and leaflet into Korean, Japanese, French, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Dutch.

Expert food and drink translators

With industry experts you can be ensured of accuracy in your translations. Avoid silly, embarrasing and potentially expensive mistakes with mother tongue translators who know the industry.

Accuracy and brand awareness is paramount

Our translators always conduct extensive research on the product at hand alongside having the knowledge of how similar products are marketed in the target culture. Lists of ingredients and cooking instructions must be translated with great care in order to ensure they will be understood perfectly in the target language. A challenge that often arises is when the product is inherently linked to one specific culture meaning the message has to be conveyed in an explanative but concise manner.