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Pharmaceutical translation services

Our team of skilled translators includes pharmaceutical industry specialists. Using our team ensures you don't just get an expert translator but one who understands the context of the material too. This helps to avoid potentially costly mistakes, such as in specifying doses and drug interactions, which are very important to get right.

Andiamo has a strong background in pharmaceutical translation and we provide services such as the translation of

  • patient consent forms
  • clinical study information
  • packaging and labelling
  • toxicology reports
  • IFUs

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What our clients say

  • Andiamo provide us with monthly translations of multiple transcripts into nine languages for the pharmaceutical industry. No matter how immediate our deadlines have been, Finola has gone above and beyond in order to meet or better our requirements. The translators go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content and the results are exemplary.
  • Thank you so much for translating the Clinical Paper from Italian to English. It was translated perfectly. I also want to thank you for such a speedy turn around. From contacting you to receiving the translated document in such a short space of time helped immensely. I will definitely be coming back to you again! A great professional and very helpful experience.
  • We have used Andiamo's translation services for print items and presentations on many successful occasions over the last few years. Our business is dealing with scientific, pharmaceutical and medical data, and the correct and consistent translation of complex medical terms is paramount in these instances. Andiamo have always given a great service with this in mind, which makes us look good to our clients.

    Medical communications agency

Examples of pharmaceutical translation work

Translation of multilingual IFUs

We recently organised the translation of 19 airway management Instructions For Use into 21 languages for a well-known pharmaceutical company.

Due to the size of the project, the client split it into 6 batches. After having the first batch of IFUs translated we created translation memories and used these to analyse the remaining 5 batches both to ensure consistency and to save costs for the client. 


Translation of transcripts for the pharmaceutical industry

Our client is an award-winning design agency who works regularly with a pharmaceutical company.

We regularly translate transcripts containing short interviews from medical staff into the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. When we received the initial request from this client, we tested and approved pharmaceutical translation specialists who now work on all of our client's projects.

Pharmaceutical translation experts

We provide pharmaceutical translation industry experts for your translation needs. 

Often our translators have worked in the pharmaceutical industry before retraining as pharmaceutical translators. This means they have a complete understanding of the industry, the terminology and the technical details,and are therefore the most specialised, qualified and experienced translators to carry out your pharmaceutical translations.

Extra quality reassurance

Andiamo’s Gold Service revision is highly recommended for all pharmaceutical translation projects in order to ensure the highest quality.

Our Gold Service revision involves your pharmaceutical translation being thoroughly proofread by a second equally specialist translator, who, with a fresh pair of eyes is able to ensure that the original pharmaceutical document and its translation correspond perfectly. All Andiamo's Gold Service projects adhere to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard.

Read more about our quality assurance.

Typesetting services available

For instruction leaflets and packaging labels Andiamo! offers a typesetting service whereby we translate and return your documents ready for print.

We work with the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, which includes InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and ensure that your translated instructions and packaging not only look just as good as the originals but are highly accurate.

For more detailed information visit our typesetting page.